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Candiani Denim Symphonie is a neo-futurist project realized by Alberto Candiani, head of the namesake Denim Mill and music producer (founder of the electro-industrial band Army Of The Universe).
The idea is to combine the creation process of denim with the creation process of music.
The Denim Symphonie was composed around the sound of a weaving loom which is the main percussive element that runs the tempo and creates the groove.
An unheard-of experiment that elevates the process of weaving Denim to a musical act of entertainment.
Candiani Denim Symphonie was performed for the first time live on stage at the Bread&Butter opening party in January 2014 (pictures below). The second act of the Symphonie was showcased during Milano Fashion Week at the Triennale di Milano, the museum of contemporary art and design (video). What better place for its mise-en-scene than the Triennale di Milano, the institution where art meets industry.